One of the world’s ultimate adventures

South Pole - All the Way

Of the ample adventures to dream of in this world, there are very few which appeal to the spirit more than an opportunity to travel unencumbered in the Antarctic continent.

This incredible journey to the southernmost point on earth involves a long and strenuous 730mile/1170km trek over 50-60 days.

An expedition of unspoiled beauty and isolation not often found in today’s world; this is a highlight trip for those with a healthy work ethic and a genuine sense of adventure!

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Difficulty Level Low ?
Fitness Level Very High ?
Duration 62 days
Elevation 2,835M / 9,301FT
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Leifur Orn Svavarsson

Large view

Arrival at the Pole - Leifur Orn Svavarsson

Large view

Fly into Union Glacier before flying to Hercules Inlet - Mark Sedon

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Food and equipment is hauled on sleds - Leifur Orn Svavarsson

From Nov 10 to Jan 10, 2019
Departs from Punta Arenas, Chile
$72,500 USD $
  • Overview

    • One of the world’s ultimate adventures
    • Achieve a truly unique and committing objective
    • Incredible vistas to the end of the world

    This is anything but an expedition for the lighthearted as it entails vigorous activity for a very extended period.

    Once established at the edge of the Antarctic continent, we travel totally non-mechanised, with all team members hauling sledges and becoming fully immersed in the challenge.

    This expedition is open to all outdoors people with experience in cold conditions and a background in climbing or backcountry skiing coupled with an ability to be a valuable team member.

  • Why AC?

    Adventure Consultants is renowned for the quality of its service and strategy applied to high altitude expedition climbing and polar travel. Our reputation is attributed to meticulous planning and experienced logistics coordination. We have a philosophy of investing in every expedition to offer our climbers the best possible chance of success.

    We employ strong and specialised Expedition leaders and support staff, whom are some of the most pre-eminent in the industry. We pride ourselves on operating with small teams, the best back-up and support available. This includes nutritious and ample quantities of food, comfortable base camp facilities, reliable communications systems and the necessary medical back up.

    Many of our expedition members come to us because they have seen us in action on a previous trip and decide to opt for our level of service and proven experience. Others return because they know we do our very best to make expeditions safe and successful.

  • Payment Conditions


    The price of your trip includes the following:

    • Adventure Consultants guides
    • All expedition organisation requirements
    • Transport within Antarctica where applicable
    • Food and tented accommodation ex Punta Arenas (twin share)
    • Expedition food and equipment
    • Tents, stoves, sleds & harness
    • Dedicated dispatch webpage updated throughout the trip that you can post onto your own website for friends & family to follow
    • Transport of 30kg/66lbs of personal equipment to Union Glacier


    The price of your trip does not include:

    • Air travel to and from Punta Arenas, Chile
    • Personal clothing and equipment
    • Personal travel, medical, rescue insurance
    • Hotel, meals and personal expenses in Punta Arenas
    • Personal insurance – full travel, medical and rescue insurance is required as well as personal trip cancellation insurance. Medical evacuation insurance cover of US$300,000 is required.
    • Excess baggage transportation charges of US$66.00 per kg for any baggage exceeding the personal equipment weight limit.
    • Cost of satellite telephone calls whilst on expedition

    Account Information

    All payments should be made by bank transfer to the following bank and account:

    Bank of New Zealand
    Offshore Branch
    1 Willis Street
    New Zealand

    for the account of Adventure Consultants Limited

    Account # 1000-594771-0000
    Account Type: US Dollars
    Swift Address: BKNZNZ22

    Note: All bank transfer charges are for the remitters account.

    We can also accept your deposit and balance payments by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex), plus a 3% credit card fee.


    A non-refundable deposit of US$15000 is payable to secure a place on the expedition.


    The balance 120 days prior to commencement of the trip.

    Cancellation & Refund Policy

    An expedition member may cancel his/her participation on the following basis:

    • Cancellations outside of 120 days will result in the loss of the trip deposit.
    • For cancellations made within 119 - 90 days of the trip commencement date we reserve the right to retain 50% of the balance payment fee.
    • For cancellations within 89 days of the departure date a cancellation fee of 100% of the full fee applies.


    Trip Cancellation Insurance

    Team members should take out private insurance if they wish to be covered against cancellation due to medical or personal reasons. This is called Trip Cancellation insurance and can be obtained through your normal travel agent.

  • Trip Notes

    South Pole All the WayThe Expedition Trip Notes provide detailed information and background for Adventure Consultants' South Pole All the Way Expedition.

    You can view the trip notes online by clicking the image or download a pdf by clicking the following link:

    South Pole All the Way Trip Notes

    Team Membership

    The team will have a minimum size of 4 members and 1 guide and a maximum size of 8 members and 2 guides.

    Our Guides

    The Adventure Consultants team includes experienced Arctic/Antarctic guides whose knowledge and expertise is imperative in making these expeditions a success. The guides for each trek are confirmed 6 months prior to departure time.

    Head Office Support Team

    Running successful journeys and expeditions is more about experience, knowledge and strategic management than any other factors. As an organisation, we place a substantial amount of time and resources into ensuring our trips are well planned and supported. You can be assured that the AC staff will provide you with friendly advice and knowledgeable support throughout the planning stages of your trip and we will be there to provide backup while the trip is running.

    Kelly MclarenKelly McLaren, Client Liaison

    Kelly brings a vast knowledge of AC expeditioning to her role as 'Rest of the World' Client Liaison. Having worked for AC since 2004 Kelly oversees those trips outside of New Zealand, Europe or the Himalaya. 


    AC Team 2016 Landscape


    Your Health

    Expedition members will be provided with pre-trip medical advice and a medical questionnaire and asked to visit their family physician to receive a full medical examination. This information will be sighted only by the expedition leader and our medical adviser and treated with full confidentiality.

    Level of Experience Required

    The South Pole All the Way expedition is for the most dedicated of polar travellers. You need significant skiing and cold weather camping experience, along with a very high degree of fitness. Typically candidates will have participated in cold weather ski expeditions of some length such as North Pole or South Pole Last Degree expeditions or the Greenland Crossing.

    A high degree of discipline and diligence must be maintained throughout the expedition, skiing for 8-10 hours per day for 50-60 days in a row, with team members helping to set up camp and prepare meals. Rigorous daily training must be undertaken for 3-6 months prior to the expedition start.

    We require all participants to submit a resume of their ski expedition experience so that we can make appropriate suggestions for further training and ensure you get the most out of your expedition.

    What You Carry

    Each member will have a high tech sled built specifically for Arctic/Antarctic use. These will be loaded with personal gear as well as a share of the expedition equipment. We utilise three pre-placed food caches en-route to minimise the weight of our sleds. Each sled is estimated to weigh around 50-60kg/110-130lbs at the beginning of the phase and reduce over the duration of the expedition as food and fuel is consumed. The complete load is carried on the sled rather than carry a backpack.

    Rescue Considerations

    It is possible for evacuations to take place along the route if necessary. However there are areas with sufficient sastrugi to make aircraft landings impossible and anyone needing evacuation would need to be transported to a sastrugi free area for a pick up which may take days of travel. For this reason expedition members need to fully understand that evacuation is not an ‘on demand’ service and weather conditions can preclude flights for days or even weeks at a time. The best way to protect oneself against problems of this nature is to be fully prepared, both physically and mentally for an adventure of this magnitude. Additionally, an aircraft rescue can be very expensive and we require expedition members to be insured against this possibility.

    Clothing & Equipment

    For most of the trek members need only be clad in fleece clothing with windproof shells. Warm expedition mittens and hats will be necessary in addition to a facemask and fur ruff around the jacket hood to keep wind and blowing snow at bay. Lightweight down clothing will help members endure the cold starts and be additional warmth (if needed) in the sleeping bag.

    We will supply all of the team equipment and you will only need your personal equipment. We supply sleds, tents, stoves, pots, food and fuel, ropes and sled harnesses, GPS and communication equipment.

    You will need to supply all your own clothing, sleeping gear and ski equipment. If you wish we can assist with the purchase of equipment and clothing suitable to the expedition.

    A full equipment list will be sent to you on confirmation of booking.

    Communication & Messages

    We intend to carry the latest in satellite communication equipment facilitating good contact with the outside world. This also improves safety in that we have instant communications with ANI in the unlikely event an evacuation is required. It is possible for you to utilize our equipment or you may bring your own but we request you confirm with us to establish power requirements can be met.


    The effective temperature is defined by the strength of the wind and we are battling against the catabatic winds descending from the polar plateau. Temperatures will be in the range of – 40 degrees C and F to 0 degrees C (32 degrees F). The temperatures will rise during the season but it is near the end of the expedition when we gain higher altitudes near the pole that we will have the colder temperatures. Ultimately a lot will depend on the season and the general weather patterns. Weather analysis will be provided by experts in Polar meteorology, which will assist us in being forewarned of major weather systems.

  • Itinerary




    Meet in Punta Arenas, Chile


    Preparation of food and equipment, review the route and expedition plan, weighing & loading of gear and briefings


    Fly to Union Glacier, Antarctica


    Acclimatisation and training days


    Fly to Hercules Inlet to begin ski tour


    Daily ski touring towards the Thiel Mountains


    Thiel Mountains to the South Pole


    Pick up from the South Pole, return to Union Glacier


    Fly to Punta Arenas, Chile


    Expedition ends, depart for home

    We meet in Punta Arenas on the southern tip of Chile. After food and equipment preparations are finalised we fly to Union Glacier, an ice runway on the Antarctic continent.

    After final preparations and fine-tuning at Union Glacier we fly by ski-plane to Hercules Inlet to begin our trek south. Skis will be worn for the entirety of the expedition (with a few possible exceptions) which will be the telemark type with ‘skins’ on the base for traction. When towing sleds, skins are preferable to the waxing method used for cross-country skiing.

    This is where the adventure really begins. The plane departs and we are left to the silence of Antarctic and the huge task of walking the 1170km (730miles) over the next two months to the South Pole!

    We quickly settle into a routine of 1hr marches, with short breaks in-between. Now and again a rocky summit adds some contrast to the landscape as we reach our halfway point at the Thiel Mountains, approximately 25 days into the journey. Navigation will be accomplished using GPS navigation equipment to ensure an accurate route to the pole.

    The terrain between the Thiel Mountains and the South Pole consists of mostly flat travel yet we are climbing eventually to over 9000 feet, the height of the pole itself. For the most part the snow will be smooth and flat interspersed with extensive wind affected sastrugi snowfields. We pass several mountain ranges along the way and navigate through only one major crevasse field for which we have a proven GPS plan. The terrain eventually climbs gradually onto the polar plateau for the final leg through to the South Pole itself. On arrival at the pole and the ensuing photo-fest, an aircraft will be dispatched to pick us up and return us to Union Glacier for the return flight to Chile.

    The expedition team members share tents and the chores of cooking. The coldest part of the day will be in the breakdown of the camp as we pack sleds and begin the daily trek. Each day we will move for 8-10 hours with regular rests for food and fluid intake. Once we reach our camping destination for the day we set up the tents and build snow walls to protect the tents from wind.

  • Travel & Rescue Insurance

    Adventure Consultants recommends the following travel insurance and rescue insurance options, although this is only just a start! Once you book on a trip with AC, your Client Liaison will help you by sending through advice on your options;

    • Travel insurance
    • Trip interruption
    • Trip cancellation
    • Rescue / Evacuation / Medical insurance


    CoverMore LogoIndulge your spirit of adventure, but protect yourself against all of those unforeseen events that can occur prior to or whilst on your trip with Adventure Consultants. Together with CoverMore Insurance, Adventure Consultants are now offering advice and assistance in purchasing CoverMore policies. With quality travel insurance cover, comes peace of mind and the freedom to venture around the world with confidence, in the knowledge that you will have the support and assistance of CoverMore, if you need it.

    Adventure Consultants highly recommends the Options Plan as this gives you the highest level of cover and benefits available. This includes cover for trip cancellation and amendment which protects your travel investment, medical and dental emergencies, lost luggage/personal belongings and travel delay, amongst other things.

    You can tailor your cover further by adding on winter sports, annual multi-trip cover, scooter riding and working holidays to name a few.

    Why CoverMore?

    • They provide cover where others won’t. e.g. terrorism scares, natural disasters, civil unrest and redundancy.
    • Protect your travel investment by choosing cancellation/interruption cover that meets your needs.
    • The option to increase your cover on valuable luggage items such as cameras and laptops.
    • Adventure Sports Cover for a variety of activities. Trekking is automatically covered, provided that reasonable care is taken, and you are not using ropes or other mountaineering equipment.
    • Free Global SIM card.
    • 24 hour emergency medical and travel assistance centre that is staffed by specialist doctors, nurses and case managers. This now includes the new Travel GP service, allowing you to talk in person to an Australia-based GP.

    Who and what trips is the policy suitable for?

    • Non-New Zealand residents travelling inbound to New Zealand – suitable for cover when travelling around New Zealand, but mountaineering or climbing is excluded.
    • New Zealander's travelling outbound on a trekking adventure e.g. Everest Base Camp Trek, Khumbu Trek, Kilimanjaro, Tour du Mont Blanc Trek and Mustang Horse Trek.

    For more information or assistance, please contact your Client Liaison at Adventure Consultants. Policies can also be purchased directly at CoverMore.


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    Click here to find out more about this insurance cover which covers climbing and is thus suitable for many of our expeditions.

  • FAQ

    • Contact Us

      The following is to serve as a helpful guideline on our South Pole Ski the Last Degree Expedition. Please feel free to call or e-mail if you have any further questions. Our team is here to help!

    • Choosing a Provider

      How long has Adventure Consultants been in operation?
      Adventure Consultants started in 1990 and we have been guiding internationally ever since.

      A few outfitters ‘claim’ to have the same level of experience and prestige with that of Adventure Consultants. In this league, what makes you a first choice for polar travellers?
      In December of 1992, Adventure Consultant's founders Rob Hall and Gary Ball ran their first commercial expedition to Antarctica in conjunction with ANI. Previous to this, Rob and Gary climbed Vinson Massif in 1990, and Rob earlier in 1989. Adventure Consultants has continued guiding to this remote part of the world since, and have an established a relationship with Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions (ALE) who provide the logistic support and safety backup for all Antarctic expeditions initiating in Punta Arenas, Chile. The 2017/18 season will mark Adventure Consultants twenty forth year of expeditions to Antarctica, over which time we have developed our systems and honed strategies for success in this harsh environment.

    • Food, Accommodation & Facilties

      What food will be available?
      Food is one of the most crucial factors for a South Pole Expedition. We serve nutritious and filling food that will sustain you well for the journey, and during the planning stage we will ask you for your feedback in advance in order for us to adjust our menus to your specific requirements or tastes.

      What is the food like?
      As all food and equipment has to be hauled in sleds by each team member, weight as well as calorific and nutritional value of food supplies is critical. Evening meals will be freeze-dried meals in big portions, lunches are crisp bread with cheese, salami and other dried meat and fish and lots of butter, and for breakfast a high calorie muesli. These food are supplemented with muesli bars, chocolate, other snacks, and plenty of hot drinks.

      What are the hotels like? Can I have my own room?
      Prior to and after this expedition, we stay in a fantastic hotel right in the centre of Punta Arenas. This hotel offers classical elegance and its friendly helpful staff always look after the AC teams exceptionally well. Facilities include a restaurant, Wi-Fi and laundry service. Personal items can also be left in the hotel's secure storage while travelling to Antarctica.

    • Travel

      Do I need to arrive the day before the trip starts? And when should I book my flight to leave?
      When travelling to Punta Arenas for the start of the expedition, it is very important to arrive on Day 1 of the itinerary and with at least 2 full days prior to the scheduled flight to Antarctica (for Ski The Last Degree, 4 days for All The Way). This allows time for preparing food and equipment, reviewing the route and expedition plan, and attending the necessary safety and environmental briefings. All of the group gear must be then weighed for loading at least one day prior to departure for Union Glacier. Flights to and from Antarctica are subject to weather, therefore delays can and often do occur so it is very important to allow some flexibility with airline travel arrangements at the end of the expedition.

      My travel agent says I can just get an ‘e’ ticket (electronic ticket) and will not need to be actually issued a physical ticket.
      E' tickets are the standard practice these days and are now acceptable in most locations. Do ensure you print your itinerary and have your booking number with you, as this allows you to change your flight in the event that this is required.

      When should I book my ticket?
      For the majority of our expeditions, we generally ask you to wait until 90 days prior to your trip start date to ensure your trip has met the minimum numbers and will operate. If you see a good deal and want to book your flights you should ensure you can make changes to your tickets and it is a good idea to purchase trip cancellation insurance, in the event that you need to cancel.

      Can I get a cheap ticket online?
      Specifically for this expedition, we strongly advise against buying a ticket online. Please remember to purchase flights that give you the ability to change dates should you need to reschedule. Internet fares and frequent flyer fare purchases often have limited or no flexibility should you need to change and the ticket may be exempt, should a change need to be made for whatever reason.

      Where do we meet? Will I be picked up?
      Upon arrival into Punta Arenas' Presidente Carlos Ibáñez del Campo International Airport, you will have to catch a taxi from the airport to the hotel as your guide will be busy with the final packing for the trip down to the ice. Once you have arrived at the hotel, please do let your guide know that you have arrived safely as he/she will be expecting you.

      What if I am arriving early or departing late?
      Adventure Consultants can make reservations for you and can often make recommendations in regards to sightseeing that you can enjoy. Please let our office know your specific plans.

    • Clothing & Equipment

      Do you have a recommended list of clothing we should bring?
      Yes, you will be sent a personal clothing and equipment list once our office has received your trip registration form and deposit. We do also have a dedicated equipment coordinator that is happy to provide advice and answers to any questions you may have.

      Do I really need all the equipment on the equipment list?
      Yes, these lists have been carefully prepared and you must bring everything on the list. There are very limited options if additional equipment needs to be purchased in Punta Arenas.

      How warm do we need our sleeping bags to be?
      You will need a sleeping bag rated to -40°C (-40°F) We highly recommend buying a sleeping bag with some additional room inside to store water bottles, batteries and other items that you don’t want to freeze during the night.

    • Guides & Team Members

      How many guides will be assigned to our group?
      On the South Pole All The Way expedition there is a minimum ratio of 1:2 and maximum of 1:4 guide to client ratio. On the South Pole Last Degree Expedition there is a minimum guide to client of 1:4.

      How much weight will we carry on the expedition?
      All expedition food and equipment must be hauled in sleds. On the Ski The Last Degree Expedition, these will typically weigh 30kg. On the All The Way Expedition,  will pre-place two or three resupply caches which will reduce the total weight of food that needs to be carried at each stage. Typically our sleds will weigh 50-60kg.

      Who goes on your trips?
      Our expeditioners come from a wide variety of backgrounds, interests, countries and skill levels ranging from those seeking skill development, to those seeking assistance with the world's highest mountains or purely adventure.

      I would like to arrange a private trip, is this possible?
      We are happy to arrange a private group trip to Antarctica.

    • Health & Fitness

      What kind of physical condition should I be in for the expedition?
      You should train on a daily basis for at least 3 months prior to the start of the Ski The Last Degree Expedition, and up to 6 months for All The Way. It is recommended that you focus on cardiovascular training as the cardiovascular system is constantly stressed whilst on the move. Running, hiking and tyre dragging combined with strength, core stability and flexibility training are the best types of exercise to incorporate into your programme. It is important to ensure long duration aerobic exercise, gradually increasing your endurance to maintain 8-10 hours of vigorous activity a day for the duration of your expedition.

    • Communication & Electronic Devices

      Will there be any access to a satellite phone? If yes then what would be the charges for usage?
      Your expedition guide will have an Iridium satellite phone and you are welcome to use this at US$4 per minute. We rely on solar power and cannot guarantee that the phone will be available 24 hours a day. Cold severely affects the system and delays can occur for re-warming. If you anticipate that you may need to make frequent or long calls then please make arrangements before the expedition through our office.

      I want to contact my friend or relative, who is on one of your trips, how can I reach them?
      Your guide will send daily internet dispatches, and the Adventure Consultants NZ office receives updates from our guides while they are in the field. The best place to reach a loved one is through our office.

      Will there be any power source for charging batteries, etc. available throughout the expedition? What voltage requirements?
      We take solar panels and sometimes battery power packs on our expeditions. Our first priority is to charge our satellite phones and expedition electrical equipment. For this expedition we recommend that you bring a personal solar panel suitable to charge the devices you will be carrying and are happy to advise accordingly.

    • Weather Forecasts

      Which weather reporting service do you use? How often do you receive weather reports?
      During the expedition, your guide will receive daily weather updates from the team at Union Glacier as well as updates from the Adventure Consultants' office.

    • Insurance

      What insurance do we need to get?
      Travelling to Antarctica requires very specific specialised insurance and requirements include a minimum medical evacuation cover of US$300,000. We also highly recommend trip cancellation insurance to cover for cancellation due to medical or personal reasons.

      Do I need evacuation insurance?
      Absolutely and as it is imperative for departures to Antarctica. Your insurance cover will be double checked prior to being allowed to travel down to the ice.

      Who do you recommend for insurance?
      After receiving your booking we will send you information on the insurance option which will serve you best for obtaining the best coverage in line with the expedition requirements.

      What is Trip Cancellation Insurance?
      Trip cancellation insurance is an option that may allow you to cancel your trip without losing the total cost of the trip. Adventure Consultants highly recommends cancellation insurance for expeditions to Antarctica. If circumstances cause us to cancel a trip (e.g. minimum numbers are not reached) then we refund your fees paid but trip cancellation insurance covers your airfare and any other costs you may have incurred.

    • Fees & Payments

      Can I pay by credit card?
      For this expedition we only accept payments by bank transfer - please contact us for account details.

      What is included in the cost of my trip? Does it include airfare?
      International airfares are not included in the trip price. Should you require help with arranging your international airfare, we can recommend excellent travel agents whom we have worked with in your country.

      Why are you sometimes more expensive than other operators?
      Many of our trips are very similar in price to our competitors. Some companies even wait for us to set our prices and use ours as a guideline!! Some of our main selling points, which sometimes do cost more, are; internationally qualified western guides, proven dependable local operators, small groups sizes and safe client:guide ratios, quality equipment and high summit success rates, among other things. You do get what you pay for which is why we stand out from the rest. Many clients come to us after failing on one of our competitors ‘cheaper’ trips.

      How do I sign up for a trip?
      The best way to reserve your space on a trip is to complete our online booking form or call our office at +643 443 8711 (Monday - Friday, 9:00am - 5:30pm PST + 19 hours) or Freephone 1-866-757-8722 from North America.

      You may pay your trip deposit either through a telegraphic transfer (information here) or by using our secure credit card page by selecting this option on the booking form.

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Carol McAlwee

“I have had this dream since I was 13, and it is only with your help that I have been able to achieve it. Adventure Consultants is a company, a business, but it is something that also goes well beyond that and I thank you immensely for helping me with my dream.”
Antarctic Ski the Last Degree Expedition

Carol McAlwee
South Pole LVS

An experience of a lifetime. Thanks!
South Pole Ski the Last Degree 2017

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